About The Community

Private Growth Community

We are a community of successful and up-and-coming entrepreneurs with a growth mindset.


Champion productivity and growth through diverse collaborations. We connect members to business resources and showcase local and global businesses.

Everything You Need to Succeed

Collaborate with members, connect to essential business resources, showcase local and global businesses, and get exclusive member discounts to empower your path to success.

Our Values


Our heartbeat is collaboration, powered by technology. We're building a community where connections ignite ideas and foster fruitful relationships.

Open Mindedness

We value open-mindedness and encourage our members to both share their expertise and learn from others.

Professional Growth

We provide resources and connections to help not only your business grow but also your personal development.

Community Development

Our ultimate goal is to improve our community by promoting professional growth through collaboration and open-mindedness

About Dwayne Kent

At the helm of The Ark Network Group, Dwayne Kent champions the power of connection in the entrepreneurial realm. With a Behavioral Science degree from Western Kentucky University, he’s mastered the art of crafting networks that empower business growth and innovation.

Dwayne’s journey began with a simple observation: talented peers, hindered by a lack of industry contacts. Determined to change the narrative, he launched an initiative that would become the bedrock for young professionals to demonstrate their worth beyond academic credentials.
As The Ark’s architect, Dwayne has sculpted a thriving community where entrepreneurs access not just contacts, but also mentorship and collaborative opportunities. His vision extends beyond networking; it’s about creating a legacy of accessible success.
His role as an Account Executive at Care Management Resources, LLC, showcases his leadership in nurturing over 100 healthcare professionals across Orlando and Tampa, driving growth and fostering operational excellence. Dwayne’s education in behavior science underpins his approach to business—understanding that at the core of success are human connections and shared experiences. Through The Ark, he has not only removed barriers but also illuminated paths for countless entrepreneurs to find their place in the professional world.

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